Meet the 2017 ABIA Award Winning Wedding MC





Prior to the wedding reception:

Joseph Dimento – Master of Ceremonies will show up at the wedding venues early. “I like to get a feel for the room,

meet the staff and vendors to assist in any way I can. In the past, I have lit candles, folded napkins and even moved tables.

I want the room to be perfect for the wedding photos before the couple arrives.” During this time, Joseph will also

check that each wedding supplier's duties match the run-sheet, including the Function Coordinator,

Kitchen, Wedding Music, Wedding Photographer & Wedding Videographers.

A good Wedding MC knows not to do anything on the night unless the photographers, videographers and function

coordinators are ready. This way the wedding suppliers and venue don’t miss any important moments. 


The night of the wedding reception: 

The night is underway, everyone is waiting to see a couple of honour enter the room to the loudest of applause

from their friends and family! An MC’s job after this point is to always think and prepare for what’s next.

If you’re eating entrée, Joseph is preparing for the speeches, if everyone is eating mains, he knows that the cake

cutting is coming up.  This is why the run sheet is the most important.


Party time:

It’s party time!! Everyone has eaten and it’s time to boogie! In Joseph's younger years he used to run night club events and

worked as an MC both at clubs and on the radio. With this experience, he knows exactly how to get everyone up dancing and

most importantly keeps them there! Joseph also went on to say “I like to work with the Wedding DJ/Wedding Band to

keep the music going whilst relevant to the crowd”.


Wrapping up the party:

We finally arrive to the last part of your night, as we all say goodbye to your families and friends. The farewell tunnel is

always a hit for the guests as they watch the couples run through to their wedding cars. Joseph says “I usually run

to the car as I personally like to congratulate them one last time and thank them again for choosing me as their wedding mc”.

After they drive away, Joseph will assist the venue and crew a little with pack up before signing off.


A note from Joseph Dimento:

“I’m hoping this article assists you in finding your next wedding MC, but there is one more factor that you need to check before choosing your MC. I absolutely love being part of weddings, it’s a passion that I have had for many years that cannot be taught or faked. Make sure your MC is as happy and excited for your big day as you both are.”

Joseph Dimento’s timeline of events leading up to the wedding:

1. Book Early: Most MC’s are booking weddings at least 1 year in advance. If you want a particular Wedding MC,

book them as soon as you have secured the wedding venue.

2. First Meeting: I like to meet couples early on. This acts as an ice-breaker but also to calm their nerves so that they know exactly what I will be doing for them leading up to the big day and on the night.

3. Your Run Sheet: The run sheet is one of the most important factors at a wedding. This determines what type

of night you and your guests will have. I like to meet up again with the couples after they have locked in their

menu with the venues. Then I can personally design their run sheet to suit them and their event.

Not all weddings are the same so each run sheet needs to be tailored to each couple.

4. Working with your Wedding Crew: After the run sheet is complete, an email is sent to all the crew on the night

(wedding photographers, wedding videographers, wedding venues, wedding djs etc.) in this email we attach the

approved run sheet as well as my details. I advise them that if they have any questions leading up to the day

or any problems regarding bumping in at the venue to contact me – especially on the day – as the couples only job is to be happy and smile.

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